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The most publisher-friendly BaaS on the market.

brainCloud intentionally targets the needs of publishers managing a series of titles.


All Game Types

From casual mobile / social games to competitive console multiplayer, rest assured your portfolio of games will work with brainCloud.


Even our private BaaS offering is multi-tenant, meaning you can easily manage multiple development studios in the environment. Both simpler and more efficient.

Cost Reporting

brainCloud provides a monthly reporting option, allowing publishers to allocate costs to the appropriate dev studios if desired.


No need for specialized developer and/or DevOps personnel to setup and manage the backend software.

Direct Data Access

Private deployments are managed in the Publisher’s own cloud, meaning publishers have deep and direct access to all data. Easily add and integrate tools with MongoDB Atlas.


SLA coverage for both Public and Private BaaS offerings.

Easy Migration

brainCloud’s expansive feature set makes it easy to migrate to from other backend solutions.

Easy On-Ramping

Dev studios can easily get their app ready before the publisher deal is finalized, and Dev apps are easily migrated to the publisher’s Private Instance once the deal is done.

Full Support

Full support for both Public and Private instances, offering a variety of support plans.

Get started with brainCloud today.

  • Get up and running quickly with a best-in-class design portal

  • Native libraries, great examples and fantastic support

  • A highly scalable platform with the widest support of devices and game engines

  • Fully extendable using Cloud Code (Javascript) to add your own features

  • Low-cost plans with affordable elastic pricing

  • Pay according to how much, or how little, your app uses our services

  • Start your free trial today and don’t pay until you go live

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We’ve been using brainCloud for 5 years now and we can say they always provide us with reliable, constantly improved services and very helpful support.”
Daniel Korczak
CEO, Rage Quite Games
“Before building our latest game, Project Cyber, we looked at a number of backend-as-a-service platforms. None of them had as complete a game feature set as brainCloud.”
Atul Mehra
Co-founder, Spearhead Games
“Having worked with the team at brainCloud on multiple projects, I can confidently say they know their stuff when it comes to highly-scalable back-ends.”
Stuart Duncan
Founder, Bight Games

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